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Algorithm Controls Engineer

BWI Group

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Design and develop embedded control algorithms for brake, suspension, and chassis systems
  • Create embedded control algorithm requirements for vehicle systems, working closely with software and systems product development teams
  • Perform vehicle testing, system testing, and/or simulation to verify algorithm designs
  • Perform vehicle-level development and testing at multiple test tracks/sites
  • Interface with hardware design teams and systems engineering teams to address/resolve issues
  • Investigate and resolve product issues found during development and validation testing


Requirement Qualifications: 

  • BSEE, BSME, or BSCE degree
  • Experience and/or interest in embedded control system development
  • Experience and/or interest in vehicle system development and test
  • Working-level knowledge of instrumentation and analytical tools
  • Basic automobile driving skills
  • Good technical problem solving skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with common computer applications – word, excel, powerpoint, databases, etc.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • MSEE, MSME, or MSCE degree
  • Knowledge of basic vehicle dynamic principals
  • Familiarity with Mathworks Toolset (Matlab and Simulink)
  • Familiarity with dSPACE Toolset (TargetLink and ControlDesk)
  • Familiarity with ATI Vision data acquisition system
  • Experience with C++ programming and compiling
  • Experience an/or interest in solenoid and motor controls for hydraulic and pneumatic systems


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